FujiNet update for ADAM - Keyboard Nov. 23, 2021) - Thomas Cherryhomes explains how FujiNet for ADAM will have a USB port that can be used to connect a USB keyboard. It can also accept data from the network. In this video he uses it  to input text into SmartWriter.

Update on FujiNet for the ADAM (Nov. 11, 2021) - Status report on FujiNet. CONFIG is working well enough to mount DDP images from the network, and the network card is working correctly as shown connecting to IRATA.ONLINE. This should give a clear picture on how the most used use case works (loading software from Internet.)

Work on FujiNet for the ADAM continues (Oct. 31, 2021) - From Thomas Charryhomes: Work on FujiNet for Coleco Adam progresses, as I work through the low-level AdamNet functions, debugging them and making them work correctly. Shown here is an in-depth look at a test Telnet program and a temporary network device for it to use.


Coleco Introduces the ADAM Computer - Early press conference where Coleco introduces the ADAM Computer System.

FujiNet for ADAM - Thomas Cherryholmes is busy adapting FujiNet for the ADAM, giving the computer many amazing abilities. Here is a short video on his progress as of Oct. 11, 2021

Coleco ADAM: Retro Buyer's Guide (Episode 52) - The Coleco Adam was a very ambitious home computer package that was available as a standalone unit or an expansion to the Colecovision video game console. In this episode, RETRO Buyer's Guide takes a look at the Adam and curses the designers for attaching the power supply to the printer.

ADAM Computer Review - ADAM Computer Review from Abort, Retry Fail. Overview of the Coleco Adam Computer. Opinion of the computer and discussion of some of the hardware and software for the platform.

Coleco ADAM Computer and ADAM Expansion Module #3 - Glen's Retro Show reviews the Coleco ADAM Computer.