ADAM Software - E.O.S. & CP/M - This is the Ultimate ADAM Collection containing EOS programs, CP/M programs, public domain software, games, clip art, etc. and everything else you would ever want related to the ADAM. All software is in disk or data pack image format and can either be used on an emulator or transferred back to original ADAM media. NOTE: File size is approximately 84mb.



ADAM Software - EOS & CP/M v1.0

Virtual ADAM v1.03 - This is the final version (barring any bug discoveries) of the Virtual ADAM front end for the ADAMem emulator. It utilizes DOSBox and clears up most of the problems associated with running ADAMem in Windows XP or Vista. This version has built in documentation, clears up some bugs in the previous version, and has its own installation program.


Virtual ADAM v1.03


(Note: Please be extremely careful using any of Virtual ADAM's disk editing features. It's best to try them on copies of your disk and DDP images).

ADAMem & ADAMemMam - Here is the emulator for your PC which will turn your modern computer into that 1980s classic - The Coleco ADAM Family Computer System - better known as just ADAM. The emulator itself - ADAMem - is a DOS-based program. If you are using Windows, it's best to set up the ADAMEmMam front end which makes it a heck of a lot easier to run than entering those command lines in DOS.

ADAMem           ADAMemMam

ADAM Bomb 2 Map & Editor - A map and level editor program for Steve Pitman's ADAM Bomb 2 game.


ADAM Bomb 2 Map & Editor

ZORK I, ZORK II & ZORK III - Three of Infocom's classic text adventure games. The ZORK series has been released by Activision (who bought Infocom a number of years ago) as FREEWare. These games run in CP/M and are correctly formatted for ADAM's screen (see CP/M Games on ADAM, Issue #13 of ECN). These are in .DSK format for the ADAMEm emulator.

ZORK I            ZORK II             ZORK III

ADAMEm functions exactly as a real ADAM would so you need blank disks and data packs to save your work to or to make backups of your "virtual" ADAM software.  Here are a variety of different sized disks as well as a blank 256K DDP.

256K DDP      160K DISK      320K DISK


    360K DISK      720K DISK     1.44MB DISK 

ANN XMAS DISKS - Here are a few disks to put you in the holiday mood. These are special Christmas greetings from the ADAM News Network featuring artwork, music and messages from various ADAM users. The music plays either through the ADAM or on a MIDI instrument if you are lucky enough to have a Midi-Mite for your ADAM. The files are in .DSK format, but are zipped here to save a little disk space.


MAZE MANIAC - Here's a cool game from Mathieu Boyer.  It has several different play modes for both one and two players.  Brief description:  Players must navigate through the maze to find the exit and reach progressively harder mazes on the next level.

Visit the Maze Maniac web page by clicking on the link below. You can find the ROM and document file there, as well.

MAZEZAM - Very difficult puzzle type game in which you must slide blocks around to escape to the next level. This archive contains both the ROM and the game saved to a ADAM disk image, as well as a text file with the solution to the first five levels.


SPEEDY WRITE - One of the original 3rd party word processors for the ADAM Computer. Offered here with permission of the author - Dave White. This may take some experimenting to figure out all the commands, but it does work.  There was also a spell check created for this program, but we do not currently have it. From within the program, press the END key (on your PC, using ADAMEm) to get a menu of some functions. To bring up the CATALOG, enter a "*" as the file designator to see all files on the disk.


ADAM FONT - Finally! Here is the ADAM True Type font. But before you get too excited...that's all you get. The word ADAM. When you choose this font in your program, press the "2" key.



SMARTWRITER ROMS - Three different versions of ADAM's SmartWriter roms never released by Coleco. Rename to WP.ROM to use them in the emulator.

ALF81.DAT - Minor bug fixes. New features: Search has "Go To Top of Text" feature and "End of Page" command. Print option to print from cursor to end of document.

ALF84.DAT - "Work in Progress" Version 84.

AH84.DAT - Finished replacement for R80. Sound and "memory full" bugs fixed. Excludes 81's new features though.

Download HERE in a .zip file. There is an article on them in NIAD #96




The ColecoVision Rom Update Project is an updated package of commercially released roms that have been verified and corrected to eliminate over/under dumps and some bugs found in the game roms.

The Atarimax-Coleco Archive is a collection on commercially released (Legacy), Homebrew, and Prototype roms.

ColecoVision ROM Update Project (1982-198x) - v2.2.zip

Atarimax-Coleco Archive.zip