We are no longer actively looking for old hardware, but original ADAM software is getting harder and harder to find. It would be good to be able to preserve these classic games and programs. Unfortunately Disks and DDPs don't last forever. But it is now possible to turn these into images for the ADAMem emulator and any future emulators that come along. To that end, I'm trying to collect as much old software as I can find. Here's a list of software I don't have that has been compiled from old catalogs and newsletter listings. If you have any of these, please contact me: sacnewsnet@yahoo.com


Software Wanted (As of 8/9/13)

6801 Disassembler Hexace  
A-Tech Money Manager A-Tech  
A-Tech Route Manager A-Tech  
ADAM Chat Gordon Meyer  
ADAM Filer ADAM World Software  
ADAM Forth v1.1    
ADAM Tips & Tricks Nickelodeon  
ADAM Tutor Mr. T Software  
ADAM's Desk Top Walter's Software Copy Protected
ADAMCalc Workshop Files D.L. Decker  
Address File Micro 2  
Adult Phrase Pak I & II Adultware  
Adventure Pack, The International Computing  
Adventurer Data Backup  
Alcazar Telegames USA/Activision Disk/DDP version
Aquattack Telegames/Interphase Disk/DDP version
Artmaster Martin Consulting  
B-Desk Nickelodeon  
Backup 3.0 MMSG This is not Backup+3.0
Basic Game Library Davasan Software  
Basic Tutor, The Electric Image  
BasicAIDE v1.0 Mr. T Software  
Beamrider Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Blockade Runner Telegames/Interphase Copy Protected
Boulder Dash Telegames/First Star Copy Protected
BusinessCalc Electic Image  
Business Graphs Package Nickelodeon  
Business Manager J.P. Software  
Cashflow Bookkeeping Nickelodeon  
Casino Data Backup  
Chase, The Adultware  
Child's Play ADAMzap Software  
Clip Art Viewer & Converter Walter's Software  
Clip Art Vol. I Wizard's Lair Software  
Clip Art Vol. II Wizard's Lair Software  
Color Arts ???  
Colossal Cave ADAMZap Software  
CP/M Workshop Text Sciences Corp.  
Credit Card File Micro 2  
Data Filer Data Backup  
Datakeeper Challenge Ware  
Dawggone Dawgs Graftex Software  
Dawn Magic Wand Enterprises  
Day at the Races Hal Weber  
Decathlon Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Decimal Disassembler Walter's Software  
Deskmaster Series (B-M-F Desk) Nickelodeon Graphics  
DietCalc Electric Image  
DISKtoRAM for SuperBasic+ TCR Software  
Documents of U.S. History D.L. Decker  
Dragon Master Magic Visions/Scott Gordon May never have been finished
Dynomite Sound Digitizer Drivers Trisyd For Dynomite Sound Digitzer Cartridge
Education Steve Jacoby  
Education Library Davasan Software  
Educational Programs Data Backup Capitals & States, Annuity, Calculator, Spelling Quiz
Elementary Grammar D.L. Decker  
E.O.S. Disk Cleaner DOS TCR Software For SuperBasic+
EOS Programming Kit Walter's Software  
Excellent Arcade Renegade Software  
F-Desk Nickelodeon  
Family Pack, The ADAM Hack Productions  
FastFiler Strategic Software Have instruction book, but no program
Fathom Telegames/Imagic Copy Protected
Format (CP/M File Converter) Sage Enterprises  
Formatter II Walter's Software  
Formatter III Walter's Software Copy Protected
FormaX Hexace  
Forth 83 Sage Enterprises CP/M
Fred's Construction Set Spaced-Out Software  
G.A.M.E. Set Vol. I Digital Express  
G.A.M.E. Set Vol. II Digital Express  
Galactic Bounty Hunter MMSG Never released or finished?
Games Steve Jacoby  
Games For Thinkers Carolina Games  
GarbageMan Reedy Software Never released or finished?
General Ledger I Electric Image  
Geometry I Image Microcorp  
Geometry II Image Microcorp  
Gork C&C Distributors  
Gospel According to St. Mark, The    
Graphics Nickelodeon  
Graphics & Games Programs D.L. Decker  
Greeting Cards I, II, III Bryan's Software  
H.E.R.O. Telegames/Activision  
Handyman's Helper D.L. Decker  
Happy Clips Vol. 1 - 10 Gerlach Family Software  
Hexace Utilities Hexace  
Hexace OS System Documentation Hexace  
High-Res Text Editor Nickelodeon  
Holiday Spelling Micro 2  
Home Finance Steve Jacoby  
Home/Office Inventory Micro 2  
Household I Library Davasan Software  
Household II Library Davasan Software  
Igor - Fantasy Master International Computing  
Insurance File Micro 2  
Interrogation, The Adultware  
Into Bondage Adultware  
Inventory Data Backup  
Inventory/Invoice Record Nickelodeon  
Keno Al Roginsky Software Never finished or released?
Keyman Challenge Ware  
Keystone Kapers Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Label Maker Deluxe TCR Software  
Lander Steve Jacoby  
Learning German With ADAM Gerlach Family Software  
Learning Turkish With ADAM Gerlach Family Software  
Lord Simon's Castle Michael McGrath Software 2 DDPs, 4 160k Disks, 2 320k Disks, or 1 720k Disk
M-Desk Nickelodeon  
Madam's Mansion Adultware  
Make Change Micro 2  
Math Builder 1 D.L. Decker  
Math Builder 2 D.L. Decker  
Math Quiz Data Backup  
Media Aid Walter's Software  
Media Plus 2 (for SmartBasic 2.0) Walter's Software  
Micro Math Micro 2  
Micro Monitor Asgard Industries  
MicroTalk ADAMZap Software  
Micro Talk v2.0 ADAMzap Software  
MiniMerge Steve Jacoby  
Modem 2400 Zoom Telephonics  
Modem Master v1.5 ADAMagic Software  
Moonsweeper Telegames/Imagic Copy Protected
More Games For Thinkers Carolina Games  
Motherlode Bob Zimmerman  
Mystery v1.2 A&S Software  
MusicPro Hal Weber Software  
N.A.C.C. Best of Basic Programs D.L. Decker  
N.I.A.D. Gold Utilities N.I.A.D.  
Navigator, The ADAMzap Software  
New Bible Quiz Blank-Ware  
Nightlife Adultware  
Package 1 Challenge Ware  
Package 2 Challenge Ware  
Package 3 Challenge Ware  
Paint Palette Graftex Software  
Paintings I ADAMZap Software  
Paintings II ADAMZap Software  
Paintings III ADAMZap Software  
PasteUp Phoenix 2000 Never finished or released?
Peeping ADAM Adultware  
Phrase Craze: M.O.A.U.G Pak M.O.A.U.G.  
Picture 1.2 Troly Bolin  
Picture Aid Grant software  
Pinball Construction Aid D.L. Decker  
Pit of Reshus, The Digital Adventures Never finished or released?
Pitfall Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Pitfall II Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Plot & Print Challenge Ware  
Post-It Hexace  
PowerPrint Vol. 1 Wizard's Lair  
Property Management Micro 2  
Quiz Master Blank-Ware  
QwikLoad v1.0 ADAMagic Software  
R&S Slideshow Phoenix 2000 Never released of finished?
RamDsk 2 (for SmartBasic 2.0) Walter's Software  
RamDsk 256k Walter's Software  
Reading Fun Micro 2  
Receive Steve Jacoby  
Recipe Steve Jacoby  
Recipe Files D.L. Decker  
Renumber D.L. Decker  
Resume Challenge Ware  
Richard Scary Best Elec. Workbook Ron Collins 720k Disk conversion
River Raid Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Roc N' Bolt Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
S-Patch Serial Printer Driver Shawn Merrick  
Sacrifice to the Spider Queen Avimar Inc.  
SAT Algebra Booster D.L. Decker  
Screen Saver Walter's Software  
Screenmaster - Graphic Arts International Computing  
Secrets Steve Jacoby  
Sewer Sam Telegames/Interphase Copy Protected
Shape Master International Computing  
Shapemaster Nickelodeon  
Signs I ADAMZap Software  
Signs II ADAMZap Software  
Skiing Telegames Copy Protected
Small Business Package Steve Jacoby  
SmartTRIX Data Doctor  
SmartDsk II (for device #2) Walter's Software  
SmartTALK Digital Express  
SmartTERM v2.0 Keheo Software Never finished or released?
SmartTRIX Data Doctor  
SmartTYPE 2.0 Reedy Software  
SmartTYPE 2.2 Reedy Software  
SnapShots Vol. 1&2 for SignSHOP Wizard's Lair  
Space Empires International Computing  
SpellingAID Walter's Software  
SpellingAID MisSpeller Walter's Software  
Spelling Quiz Data Backup  
Squish 'Em Sam Telegames/Interphase Copy Protected
Star Trek Pak (for Phrase Craze) ADAM Connection  
StatCalc I, II, III Electric Image  
Stock Market Game, The Image Microcorp  
Strip Poker & Blackjack Adultware  
Super One Steve Jacoby  
Swift Bookkeeping System Z-Delta  Software May never have been developed
SwiftBASIC 80 v2.3 Digital Express  
Tax 1040-84 Extended Software  
Tax Helper 1990 Gary Hoosier Software  
Teacher's Gradebook Wittenbach Software  
Temple of the Snow Dragon Digital Adventures Single disk version - 320k or 720k
Tournament Tennis Telegames/Imagic Copy Protected
Tracker (Hurricanes) Joe Quinn  
Turbodisk 2.0 (for SmartBasic 2.0) Digital Express  
Typetest 2 Nickelodeon  
Ultimate Adventure, The Martin Consulting  
Utilities Steve Jacoby  
Vase of Turr, The Walter's Software  Copy Protected
Video Title Program Skala Enterprises  
Vocabularly Builder 1 D.L. Decker  
Vocabularly Builder 2 D.L. Decker  
Wing War Telegames/Imagic Copy Protected
Wishing Well ADAMzap Software  
Wordsearch Factory, The    
Work & Play Dahlke Software  
Write-Hand Man   CP/M
Writer's Assistant Davason Software  
Yacht ADAM Support Software  
X-10 Home Appliance Control Minh Ta  
You & Your Checkbook Micro 2  
Z80 Disassembler



Zap-ADAM! ADAMZap Software  
Zenji Telegames/Activision Copy Protected
Zip Codes, Etc. ADAM's House  
Zoran III Adamzap Software  
Zoran IV Adamzap Software  

N.I.A.D. SmartBASIC BNDV VOL.  #23 (Programs), #25 (SmartBASIC Tutorial by LC Austill)

N.I.A.D. CP/M 2.2 CNDV VOL. #60 thru #63

N.I.A.D. Holiday Greeting VOL. #01-02

N.I.A.D. Pinball Games PNDV VOL. #01, 03-08

N.I.A.D. VideoTunes Songs VNDV VOL. #01-04

N.I.A.D. ADAMCalc ANDV VOL. #03-04

N.I.A.D. SmartLOGO LNDV VOL. #01-05

N.I.A.D. SmartFILER Databases VOL. #01-04
N.I.A.D. RLE Pics RNDV VOL. #04-06
N.I.A.D. MIDI Songs MNDV VOL. #01-16
Nibbles & Bits PaintMATES VOL. #01-20
Nibbles & Bits PaintFORMS VOL. #01-04
Nibbles & Bits PIX VOL. #30-32


There are probably 100s of other disks out there that aren't listed.

A-Chess (Sargon) - developed into Modem Chess

ADAM Diagnostic

R.I.D. Test

Strategic Software Patches


NOTE: Each volume is a separate disk that contains a collection of programs or file. There were thousands of Public Domain Disk made by numerous groups. If you have others that are not listed above, please let us know.


Hardware Wanted
We are no longer actively looking for old hardware.

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