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Best of B.C. (Review)
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ASCOM (Review)
How to Get Free Software (Book Review)
How To Get The Most Out Of Compuserve (Book Review)
2010 Graphic Action Game (Review)
Tax1040-84 (Review)
Extended Basic Utilities (Review)
Extended Basic Utilities (Review 8-2)
The Family Pack #1 (Review)
Committed! (Review)
Softpack 1 (Review)
Logo Utilities & GuessADAM (Review)
Programs, Programs, Programs
Outer Space Landscape (Program Listing)
Alphabetical Sorting Program (Program Listing)

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Ramblings From The Ridge


by D. Sage, Editor
    I give. I have finally reached the point of no return. Once I was almost organized, but even that has passed. The piles that were once organized have developed piles of their own. Somehow in the middle of the night all of the piles grew and merged. Every effort to organize this mess seems to be doomed from the start. It would probably help if I would quit buying computers. We now have three ADAMS. Naturally, there are always a few more things I need, like a faster printer and a modem for the Zenith 100. In addition to all the equipment and wires, there are piles of data packs and disks everywhere, often intermingled with piles of correspondence, magazines and catalogs. Our office and computer space seems to continually be intruding on our living space. I'm beginning to understand how Jerry Pournelle feels.
    Something has to change. We no longer have any free time. I don't have any time for programming. More and more of my time is being taken up on the phone, answering correspondence, or researching answers to questions. Less and less of my time is available to work on ECN or other projects you have identified as important. Last year we made less than 1/2 cents an hour for our time. Few people would be willing to put in the hours we have for that kind of return. We cannot continue to do everything if we are to publish ECN and retain our sanity.
    From now on questions will be answered ONLY in ECN and only if they are likely to be of general interest to our subscribers. The Saturday morning hotline will be discontinued until further notice. We will probably reinstitute this service in the fall if possible.
    Calls concerning orders, product information, and subscriptions should be made between 1:00 pm and 4 pm CDT, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please, NO after hours calls or collect calls.
    We can no longer provide individual answers concerning programming problems, equipment problems, etc. All questions will be answered in subsequent issues of ECN so that everyone can benefit from the answer.
    I hope you can understand our situation. I have enjoyed talking to you and reading and answering your letters, but I simply cannot get anything else done. Keeping ECN the best takes a lot of hours and we intend to continue to try to make each issue better than the last. Remember that the number of ADAM users groups is growing. Join one or start one. You will find that many of your more urgent questions or programming problems can be solved by members of such groups. Give them your support. They are an important component in keeping the ADAM alive.
    In the middle of all this we are converting our mailing lists over to the Zenith (Z-100). Some of you will notice that your mailing label now carries the issue number that your subscription expires. This is the number of the last issue you will receive unless you renew. Previously we used the year and month of expiration. Eventually all labels will carry the new designation.
    The main reason for using the Z-100 is its flexibility and speed. What used to take four hours, now takes only one. We will be attending the Summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago in June. This will probably mean that the July-August issue will be late. We do this in order to include as much information on the CES show as quickly as possible. By the time other publications carry news on CES, it will be almost winter.
    Joe Blenkle has volunteered to supply us with a regular column on telecommunications. We still do not have much on LOGO and no one has volunteered to do a regular column.
    Data Backup is putting together an adjustable tractor feed for the ADAM that should be available by the time you receive this issue. Another company is producing a separate power supply. This will be invaluable when a universal printer interface becomes available. A number of people are working on an interface and it should be available soon. We will review these products as soon as we receive production models.
    A number of people have asked us about products from ADAM WORLD and DAVASAN Software. No one we have talked to has been able to obtain detailed information about these companies or their products. We know of no one that has obtained any of their products. After the experience a number of you had with Adam Users of America, I would suggest that you proceed with caution when ordering from these companies. Some of you have asked for the address of the California State Attorney General's Office. Here it is: Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division, Sacramento, CA 95814.
    ADAM Microhackers, a New York user's group has ceased to exist. They were supposed to have been affiliated with Adam User's of America. According to reports we have received they have failed to fulfill their commitments to produce a newsletter and supply other services.
    We have been told by the Computer Entertainer that Sydney Software is concerned about piracy of THE BEST OF BC, which is to be available on data pack. In our last issue I made it clear how I view piracy. Nevertheless, I felt that the need for a backup utility was justified. I don't want to beat this issue to death, but PACKCOPY is not intended to be used for any illegal copying of software. If you have a need for a software product, buy it. Piracy will kill the introduction of new software faster than any thing else.
    We have had some questions concerning why we include multiple reviews of the same product. We feel that multiple reviews are essential. Not everyone feels the same way about a product. By presenting more than one review, you the reader will have more information to use in making a decision. Our reviews include a number (3-4). In this case the number indicates that this is the fourth review and that the initial review appeared in issue 3. If possible, follow-up reviews are edited to remove redundant information to the extent that this does not detract from the review itself.
    Since I am on the subject of software, I would like to say that almost everyone has complained about a lack of software, yet software sales seem to be slowing. With over 350,000 ADAMS sold, you would think that it would be easy to sell good software products to at least one percent of the ADAM owners. Well, this is not happening. I realize that many of you prefer to buy products from a local store, but these stores are unlikely to carry any of the software produced by small independents. If you don't buy their products, they can't afford to produce new products that won't sell either. I realize not everyone can afford to buy everything that comes out, but if at least 1% of you buy a product then that is 3500 sales. Many of you are hesitant to buy a product that has not been reviewed, so those of you who buy these products can help everyone else by sending in a review. Reviews need not be fancy. Simply jot down what you think about the product and send it in. By doing so others will at least know that the company is actually shipping the software and will have some idea whether or not it does what it is supposed to.
    Some of you have complained that many reviews give high ratings to products and that you do not feel there are that many good products. I agree that this does happen, and is to some extent caused by a lack of similar products for comparison. Not every product can be a 9 or 10. Maybe we need better standards of what a particular rating means. A 5-6 should be an acceptable product that works generally as advertised. Documentation is adequate enough to load and run the program. A 9-10 should be near perfect, with no bugs or shortcomings other than those imposed by the hardware itself. Documentation should be detailed and easy to follow. The software should be flexible enough to be used by novices and experts. A 1-2 is a poor product that performs poorly and includes incomplete or incorrect instructions. If you disagree with someone else's rating, send in your own along with your reasons. Notes like this are just as important as a full-scale review.
    Before I talk about some of the new software being advertised by independents, I would like to comment on a trend developing among the computer magazines. Recently COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS (formerly POPULAR ELECTRONICS) was canceled. The editors were not even afforded the opportunity to publish a final issue, The magazine was simply pulled by Ziff-Davis. POPULAR ELECTRONICS was among the first to carry articles on the new home computer industry. In those days the computer was introduced largely as kits. PE grew into one of the largest publications covering the home computer. How could a successful publication like PE go under? Probably a case of over-management. PE originally was oriented towards the hobbyist market. As time went on Ziff-Davis seems to have insisted that PE (then CE) become more general and less technical. The result was too much competition, a loss of subscribers and a loss of advertising revenue. CE looked just like all the other computer magazines and by doing so gave up its particular niche and appeal.
    Ziff-Davis also owns CREATIVE COMPUTING. That magazine's May issue was down to approximately 45 1/2 pages of text with another 48 pages or so of advertising. The emphasis of CC also seems to be changing. Let's hope that it doesn't meet the same fate as PE.
    Martin Consulting has finally announced some new products. Among these are "Fantasy Gamer" which includes an adventure creator that allows you to create your own adventure games. This program also allows you to create animated graphics to accompany your creation. This package also includes two adventure games that now have save features. Their other new product is "Adam Thinks". This package includes Therapist, Mentalist, Checkers, and The Curse of Ondine, which all use artificial intelligence techniques.
    Softsync, Inc., 162 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016, have announced "Personal Accountant" for $24.95 plus $2.50 shipping. This product is supposed to be designed for home and small business accounting.
    People's Choice Computer Information Network, P.O. Box 1807, Fair Oaks, CA 95628, phone 916/966-4317, has announced the availability of an ADAM Special Interest Group on their computer bulletin board service.
    PeopleLink, American Home Network, Inc., 3215 N. Frontage Rd., Suite 1505, Arlington Heights, IL 60004, phone 1-800-524-0100 (for subscriptions only) has announced a new videotex service that includes a CB simulator, electronic mail, and more. Kent Burrows, P.O. Box 90, Seelyville, IN 47878, has announced that he will be publishing "The Adam Resource Directory." This publication will include listings of available software & hardware, software producers & retailers, books, publications, user groups, Adam owners, service info, program tips, freeware, bulletin boards and ads. The publication will be available August 1, 1985 with an estimated price of $9.95. If you would like to be listed in this directory or would like to obtain a copy, contact the publisher. All listings must be submitted by June 15.
    Remember if you want ADAM support then you must support the companies that are producing new products. Oh yes, if your subscription is about to expire, renew it today so that you will be sure of not missing an issue. Thanks. Return to Top

Back Issues Of ECN
    We now have a limited supply of all previously published issues of ECN. These are available for $3.00 each. If you do not have a complete set of all issues, now is a good time to order them. Our supply is limited and probably will not be reprinted. Return to Top

West Hartford Happenings
by D. Sage
    Coleco has shipped ADAMLink II as promised. It took a while but nevertheless they managed to come through. Rumors abound that the ADAMLink 1200 Modem is now available.
    SmartBASIC II has been put on hold. Representatives of Coleco say this product will be produced only if they receive sufficient response from ADAM owners. That is the same thing they said about the universal interface that was later scrapped. So, if you would like to see the enhanced BASIC, give Coleco a call or send them a letter.
    With the large number of departures from the electronics division, it looks like there will be little in the way of new products appearing. Hopefully, we will see those products that were well under way when Coleco announced its withdrawal. The latest to leave was Mark Yoseloff who had been heavily involved in the development of the ADAM. Charles Winterble remains at Coleco in the electronics division, but no one knows for how much longer.
    Sales of the ADAM and related products remain strong. I am sure that this was an important factor in Coleco's recent decision to cancel its contract with Odd Lot. It appears that the ADAM will continue to be sold through Toys R Us. As I had indicated earlier ADAM's are also being sold through KayBee Toy Stores for $299.99. Don't expect to see prices go any lower. KayBee is selling ADAMs as fast as they get them in the door at this price. At this point KayBee will not be carrying any peripherals or software. Toys R Us will continue to carry peripherals and software at discounted prices. Disk drives are now selling for $199, memory expanders for $99. Rumor has it that Coleco recalled all the modems so that they could be repackaged with the new software.
    Coleco is not listed as an exhibitor for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. I suspect they may regret their early decision to withdraw from the home market now that the competition has disappeared.
    If you haven't seen Dam Busters, I've been told that you will be amazed.
    A lot of people have been asking about emulators for the ADAM. Most of these make little sense and would cost more than they would be worth. One emulator that seems like it would be relatively easy to produce would be one for the MSX system. Since the MSX uses a Z80 and the TI video chip, all you would need would be a hardware port for the MSX cartridges and peripherals and an operating system to make the ADAM compatible.
    In spite of earlier statements, Infocom has notified me that they do not intend to produce any products for the ADAM and wish that we would tell you so that you will quit writing them.
    We have been advised that Coleco is now shipping the Best of Electronic Arts, Family Feud, Jeopardy, Space 2010:Strategy all on data pack. Coleco continues to sell all ADAM products through their consumer support facility. The products are now available at the new discounted prices. To receive an order form call the Consumer Hot Line at Coleco and they will send you one.
    We do not have any new information on the ADAM II. All rumors on this product and potential US manufacturers have dried up. Hopefully we will have more news next issue after the Consumer Electronics Show. Return to Top

What About The Competition?
by D. Sage
    There seems to be a rash of deaths in the home computer industry lately. Some time ago the TI 99/4a, Mattel Aquarius, and Timex home computers departed. More recently ADAM joined the departed. Now even the mighty IBM PC Jr. has left us. Commodore appears to be in trouble and seems to be having little luck moving the remaining inventory of the now discontinued 64. Atari has pulled out of the June CES, which would indicate that either they are abandoning the home market for higher stakes or simply have nothing to sell. The home computer market has flattened out in the U.S. according to many experts.
    If American companies are willing to get out of the home market, then it is my bet the Japanese will be here soon in full force. It is my opinion that the home market still exists. The problem is that you have to give the public what they want. You simply cannot sell what the public does not want. All the advertising in the world can't do that. IBM proved that advertising can't carry a poorly conceived product. Sure marketing is important. Even Coleco proved that poor marketing can hurt a product. The formula for success is simple. You have to produce a complete computer system for under $500. It has to be almost as easy to use as a toaster or television and it has to be reliable. It also should be produced and serviced by a company that is respected and accepted by the consumer. Had IBM produced a reasonably priced, quality product it would have sold. The Jr. appeared to most buyers to be little more than the old bait and switch. By the time you got done buying cables and the accessories you needed to make the thing do something, you would have invested almost enough to buy a full fledged IBM PC. The average American simply cannot afford to spend that kind of money on a toy. Yes, home computers are toys. They are for entertainment. They may do some useful things, but that is not why most of us buy them. Make a list of the practical things you can do with a home computer around the house. Now how many of those things are really useful? How many people actually use a home computer to balance their checkbook? Come on now, let's be honest. I can remember when people used to try to justify buying a television because of its practical uses. Why, it has educational possibilities that are endless. Let's get serious. We want entertainment. But there is a breakeven price beyond which we will not go for entertainment that can be provided by a home computer. People who use computers at work typically buy an IBM PC or a look alike. Those same people turn around and buy an Apple IIe or IIc for their homes. Sure an Apple can be used for all those practical purposes, but I know why they really buy them. GAMES!!!! GAMES!!!! GAMES!!!! Oh yes, they are also used for word processing. If you didn't know, that is generally the second biggest use next to games.
    OK now all you current and would be computer manufacturers out there, can you tell what we want? How about a good game machine that includes a printer, disk drive, a decent keyboard, and some good software all for under $500. Oh yes you have to have a recognizable name and access to nationwide retail outlets. Remember the ADAM came close to meeting this need. How about it GE? RCA? Any takers? NO. Well don't worry, there's always Sony, Yamaha, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, and a string of others who have been spending an awful lot of time figuring out what they need to do to take the U.S. market away from U.S. companies. Is it any wonder that our trade balance is in such a mess. I would like for someone, anyone, to explain to me why an American company cannot produce the product I have described. Why is it that the American companies are always trying to sell us something that we don't want. You would think they would learn from their past mistakes.
    Well in spite of the fact that IBM has cancelled the Jr., they continue to pledge support just like every company that has discontinued a computer before them. Does anyone who owns a PC Jr. believe this line?
    We shall see what develops and will report it all right here in the next issue. Return to Top

 Telecommunications: CompuServe Revisted
by Joe Blenkle
    Some months ago I wrote an article for ECN on how to get the most out of Compuserve. Well, after a lot of hours on-line, I feel that article needs some updating, because I certainly have learned a lot and a lot of things have happened on CIS since then.
    First and foremost, ADAM has found a home on two Forums on Compuserve. Creative Computing (GO PCS-22) has created EVEN ADAM (sect. 8) and Family Computing (GO FAM-200) has given us ADAMania (sect. 6).
    If you have not yet visited these forums, here's a brief summary of how to go about it.
    After you log on to Compuserve and go through the initial menus, type in one of the selections, either GO FAM-200 or GO PCS-22. This will take you right to either the Family Computing or Creative Computing forums.
    Your first order of business will be to sign up as a member of the forum. There is no additional charge for this and you can belong to as many as you like. After sign-up you will be taken to a function menu. There are two sections here that are of importance and each can be initially selected from a menu.
    First I would advise setting your sub-topic. If you're in Family Computing, choose sub-topic 6, ADAMania. For Creative Computing, choose sub-topic 8, EVEN ADAM. This will set you for the ADAM forums only and you will log on to those sections automatically upon entering the forum.
    Once you become familiar with the system, I would suggest setting your OPTION selections. Upon entering OP from the function prompt, or choosing the appropriate number from the menu selection, you will enter the OPTION section. Now, if you know your way around the particular forum, you can get rid of those time consuming menus.
    I chose to change the first three options you are presented with. By simply entering the appropriate number you will change the setting to the opposite of what it was. You are initially set to receive MENUS [YES], BRIEF PROMPTS [NO], STOP BETWEEN MESSAGES [YES]. I suggest changing all of these. Changing the menus will eliminate the long menus, the prompt function will give brief prompts...enough to remind you of what you are doing. The NO selection on the STOP BETWEEN MESSAGES will give you a continuous scroll when you read messages. With the download features of ADAMLink II, this is especially handy for keeping your on-line time to a minimum.
    I would recommend checking out both of these ADAM sections, as there is a lot of useful information passed between the members and each also has a data library (accessed by typing DL) in which many useful programs can be both left for others and downloaded for your use.
    Some of the commands in the forum can become confusing. Here are some of the more useful ones. All are issued from the function prompt: R-Read Messages, L-Leave a Message, S#6 (or 8) Store the message in the appropriate section, CO-Enter conference mode, /TUN 30-This would tune you to channel 30 in the CO mode, /UST-lists users in the forum, /EXIT- exits CO mode, UST-lists current users, U-Lists callers with their ID numbers and the time they were in the Forum. Return to Top

Pokes And Peeks Etc.
by Derek Townsend
In our first segment we will tell you how to make the cursor any ASCII code you want and how to change the screen color by a simple poke. We will also tell you about some CALLs that will reset the system.

To change the cursor on the screen type:

POKE 16953, x
x=ASCII Format Code
POKE 16953,32 (no cursor)
POKE 16953,160 (inverse cursor-no characters)
POKE 16953,95 (normal format)

NORMAL and TEXT will put all inverse characters into the NORMAL format. To have the cursor with an underline:

POKE 17411,36

To change the screen color requires only a simple command:

POKE 17115, x:TEXT

To find out what x is equal to look up the table and input the numbers into the following formula: x=(text color * 16) + background color. e.g. (2 * 16) +7 = 39 = green text on aqua background.

black = 1
green = 2
lt. green = 3
blue = 4
lt. blue = 5
dk. red = 6
aqua = 7
med. red = 8
lt. red = 9
yellow = 10
lt. yellow = 11
green = 12
purple = 13
grey = 14
white = 15

To reset the screen to normal: POKE 17115,240: TEXT

To reset some ADAM's to SmartWriter type: CALL 6: CALL 20

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Using ADAMCalc Spreadsheets in SmartWriter
by Gahlen Whiteside
    These are some things I have learned from trials and errors and many an oath sworn. It may be that I've not completely read the documentation that accompanied the ADAM computer system when originally purchased or the documentation for ADAMCalc, but I have given the documents a pretty good looking over several times between oaths sworn.
    Not found by me are instructions on how stored documents may be merged, or more accurately, how a stored document might be added to current workspace. Here is the secret which came to me at high emotional cost: move the cursor to the very end of the workspace, then do the "GET" operation on the stored file to be added. Failing to move the cursor to the very end of the workspace will result in scrambling the two documents.
    It was only after destroying two documents to start over that I learned ADAM will unload the new file onto the margins set at that time. In other words, the user needs to re-set the margins to the ones that were used when the document was originally prepared; ADAM does not store the margins. A simple solution to this is to make a note to yourself at the top of the document, such as "LHM=15, RHM=65." Going over this little message with the space bar will delete it. Using ADAM's delete procedure will not only take more time, but will cause the alignment of the document to go askew.
    I'm still working out short cuts and alignment tricks and may have the whole thing down pat by the time an improved word processing program is available that will make these tricks obsolete.
    The ADAMCalc documentation mentions only that if the spreadsheet is to be used by the SmartWriter word processor that it must be stored as a "store values" document. I do know for a fact that is all the information provided, except that a "stores values" document will produce a blank screen when retrieved by ADAMCalc. The "store values" document is quite useless if it is any wider than SmartWriter's horizontal margins. This means if the main text is done on the SmartWriter preset horizontal margins (10 and 70) and the spreadsheet has horizontal margins of 2 and 78 (to accommodate more or wider columns) then the two documents cannot be stored in the same file, or even handled on the same workspace without fouling up the alignment of one or the other.
    I have a 64k memory expander which allows me to print while in ADAMCalc, but the accompanying documentation with either ADAMCalc or the Expander tells us nothing about the problem with only eighty horizontal spaces. Other than that the spreadsheet printed with ADAMCalc and the expander has ADAMCalc's column and row numbers printed across the top and down the left side of the document--hardly suitable for presentation to anyone other than confirmed ADAMNuts.
    When preparing an ADAMCalc spreadsheet to be used in the word processing mode, the user would be wise to take a few minutes to do a little arithmetic. This writer has not had the advantage of anymore math than intermediate algebra and has retained much less. I am therefore unable to provide any quick equations and can only tell the reader that a mere eighty horizontal spaces are available to work with if a useable ADAMCalc "store values" document is to be prepared for word processing. In other words only six 8-space columns will fit into the horizontal margins of 10 and 70. Use of simple arithmetic is necessary to create a format that is useful and pleasing to the eye. Do all the editing possible with the ADAMCalc program in regard to column and rows. When satisfied that all is done, store the spreadsheet with the "store values" and "store sheet" options. Remember the "store values" document is useless in ADAMCalc so you most also store the spreadsheet with the "store sheet" option if you wish to use it later.
    A final word before the user stores the spreadsheet as a "store values" document: using pencil and paper make a note to yourself recording the margins. These margins will be needed for SmartWriter. Before retrieving the "store values" file, set the SmartWriter margins accordingly. Set SmartWriter to "moving window" option and then retrieve the spreadsheet to use as a word processing document.
    The first thing I do when I have the spreadsheet loaded in SmartWriter is to hit the "insert" key and type u a note on the margins. I then hit the space bar until I have typed three lines of blank spaces and then hit the return key twice. This creates a space for whatever title and comments I may wish to put on my spreadsheet.
    Another caveat I learned the hard way is: KEEP HANDS AND FINGERS OFF "INSERT", "DELETE", and "BACKSPACE" keys when you have a spreadsheet in word processing. Any of these functions will foul up the alignment of the spreadsheet. Until I learned this I thought I might wear out the "clear" and "store/get" functions. Using the arrow keys, character keys and the space bar, additional editing can be done.
    All this may sound like a lot of work and maybe it is. Columns of numbers and single words could be created much easier directly in word processing. I have three times created documents of two and three parallel columns of text. Yes, it was a hassle learning to use ADAMCalc just for this purpose, but compared to creating such documents on SmartWriter, I believe the time and effort was well spent. I now have the framework for using ADAMCalc for true calculating functions should I ever want to improve my mathematics education. Return to Top

by D. Sage
    CP/M, Control Program/Monitor, was developed by Digital Research. CP/M is an early operating system that was developed for microcomputers. The other major system in use for micros is MSDOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System). The CP/M system is very similar to those that were developed for minicomputers. Those of you who have worked with minis will recognize the similarities.
    The purpose of an operating system like CP/M is to act as an interface between programs (software) and the computer. Because different computers have their hardware, video and sound set up differently, it would be impossible for them to run the same programs without a system like CP/M. CP/M makes all of the computers using it look alike to the programs. So generally any machine language program written for CP/M 2.2 will run on any system using that operating system. To run a program written in a language such as Basic, Pascal, or Logo, you ust have the CP/M implementation of that language for your computer. There are a large number of languages implemented for CP/M.
    Many of our subscribers have commented on the fact that a great deal of the CP/M software available for the ADAM is extremely expensive, ranging from $150 to $800 or  more. These prices are fairly typical for most commercial software. Unlike many commercial products, CP/M software is typically not copy protected, so that you can make backup copies as you need them. Software that is not copy protected typically costs a little more. There are alternatives available to those who do not wish to buy commercial software. Because CP/M has been around a long time, there is a large CP/M library of Public Domain software available. This library includes languages, utilities, word processors, business programs, games, and even cross-assemblers. Many of these programs can be downloaded from the various CP/M SiGs and Bulletin Boards. Eventually this software will also be available on disk or data pack in ADAM format. Some programs may require modification to run on ADAM, but many will run unaltered. We will try to keep you posted on suppliers of such software as the information becomes available and will include brief descriptions of specific software that is available. Of course we will also carry reviews of both commercial and public domain software. In this issue we have a review of ASCOM. We will also be carrying information on using the CP/M assembler and its supporting utilities. If you have any materials for this column, feel free to send them in. Return to Top

Glitches, Bugs, Errata, Etc.
    By popular demand one of your favorite columns has returned. Sorry this was cut out of issue 7.
 Some reminders are necessary for our new subscribers. First of all, always read the instructions for any product you use before you try to ue it. I realize everyone is always eager to try out their new acquisitions as quickly as possible, but you will save yourself a lot of grief if you will read and follow the instructions. Yes I know, instructions are not always correct. Well unless you definitely know something is wrong, follow them.

 For those of you who have disk drives, remember to turn the disk drives on BEFORE turning on your ADAM. When the ADAM is first turned on or reset it polls the ADAMNet and logs in all active devices. If the disk drive is turned off, ADAM does not know that it is there.

 Some of you are continuing to experience problems that are common for older ADAMs or older versions of SmartBasic. Although all current versions of SmartBasic are labeled version 1.0, there are major differences. To find out which revision you have, do the following:

Turn on ADAM

Then type in the following line and hit the RETURN key:


ADAM will print a number on the screen. If the number is less than 79, you should obtain a new version of SmartBASIC. This can generally be obtained directly from Coleco or a Honeywell service center. If you use an older version then you may experience problems when typing in BASIC programs that reset memory or use peeks and pokes. To identify the hardware version of your machine. Turn on ADAM. In the typewriter mode, hold down the CONTROL key and press the R key at the same time. A number will appear (R-xx) on your screen where the SmartKEY labels are located. If the number is less than 80, you may want to consider taking your ADAM to Honeywell. This is especially true if you are having problems with your ADAM that you cannot live with. Some early ADAMs may not work properly with disk drives and most have major bugs in SmartWriter mode, although even newer versions still occassionally lock up in SmartWriter. Updating your ADAM will cost about $75.00. Initially this service as being provided free, but this is generally no longer true unless your ADAM is uder warranty. If you plan on getting these problems fixed, do so now because eventually parts and supplies will become scarce.

 Some of you have experienced problems with the "events" program when creating a new file. To correct the problems add the following lines to the program:


Note: These corrections have been made in the online Issue #6.

 Memory locations 16149 and 16150 in version 79 of SmartBASIC contain the value of the highest memory location that can be poked in BASIC. By changing this value you can poke locations above the current limit. The current limit is set at 54160. This means that location 16149 contains the value 144 and location 16150 contains 211. To raise the limit change both values to 255.

 Whenever you run a program that changes either HIMEM or LOMEM, these values need to be reset in order to use another program. If you don't know the original settings for your machine you can simply reload BASIC. Your ADAM manual contains a program that will allow you to identify the settings for your machine. Run this program immediately after loading BASIC in order to obtain the correct settings.

 The following tips were provided by Antoine Leclerc: Memory locations 16956 controls the left screen margin and 16957 the right margin. By poking them with a digit between 1 and 31, one can narrow the text area. This is especially useful to me as my ADAM fills all my TV screen and while programming, I lose sight of end characters in the corners. Memory location 16954 fills the screen with space characters (ASCII 32) in text mode and thus makes it empty. By poking it with any other character number, and following with HOME you obtain an instant screen of that character, which allows for rather interesting graphics effects. Moreover, typing TEXT or including it as a command within a program, brings back "inverse" characters (between 128, white space, and 255) to normal for the full screen if followed by HOME. Here again, nice effects for title pages. Memory location 16959 controls the lower margin of the screen which can thus be shortened to anywhere between 23 and 1. I have yet to play more with these but I expect that they could become handy in creating fast windows in text mode. I also noted that memory location 16958 has something to do with the higher margin as it changes from 0 to 20 when one goes to GR or HGR mode. Poking it alone does not change the margin. Any ideas anyone?

 Jeff Silva tells us that you can determine your revision of SmartFiler by using CONTROL R after loading the program. This will also give you the date of the revision. His is revision 21, 6/13/84. Does anyone know which revisions are buggy and which ones are ok?

 A reminder that ADAM uses Diablo Hytype I multi-strike ribbons and Diablo daisy wheels. Both of these items are available from office supply stores that stock computer printer supplies.

 If your ADAM randomly locks up, check your house wiring. The ADAM should never be used on the same circuit as a major household appliance such as a refrigerator, air conditioner or electric heater.

 If you use INIT in Basic to initialize a disk, the disk directory will show 253 blocks instead of the correct amount. Always initialize disks using the format routing in DOS. Most of the time this problem won't make any difference, but could be a problem with some programs.

 George Knochel sent in the following information on ADAMCALC: One major item which Lazer Microsystems did not test for makes this spreadsheet software just about useless for large spreadsheets. The bug is simply this: when INSERTing or DELETing a line on your spreadsheet past line 128, FIXED CELL REFERENCE column numbers are messed up. For example, if if you INSERT a line with the cursor on line 129, and on line 140 you had a fixed cell reference of (135,2), it becomes (136,3). If you DELETE a line it becomes (134,1). The COLUMN number is added to or subtracted from, depending on whether you are inserting or deleting a line.

 Owen McNulty sent in the following corrections for procedures given in the TOOLS file of SmartLOGO. In order to get the PWR procedure (see page 245 of the manual) to work with a fractional second input (e.g. PWR 144 .5) the following modifications are necessary: Two parentheses were added to the third line of the procedure EXP. It should look like the following: IF :X - ( INT :X ) = 0 [OP INTPWR :E :X] A colon was added before the word FRAC in the third line of the procedure EFRAC. Also, the misspelling of the word COUNT should be corrected on this same line. The line should look like the following: MAKE "TERM :TERM * :FRAC / :COUNT
    I hope the above will help anyone who has been experiencing the same difficulties with their SmartLOGO tapes.

 A number of you have reported new ADAMS with CBS's name on the packaging. CBS was originally the distributor for the ADAM outside the U.S. They have apparently returned their remaining inventory to Coleco for U.S. distribution. So the answer is NO, CBS did not take over the ADAM.

 Jay Wald advises that the "Super Sketch" tablet will not work on the ADAM Expansion Module, but does work on the Colecovision or the stand alone ADAM. Remember this product does not include a save feature although we have been advised that someone is making revisions to add a save and load feature to the software for ADAM owners. Return to Top

User Group News
    Some of the local groups have indicated that they are getting a lot of inquiries from ADAM owners outside of their immediate area. Remember these are local and not national groups unless specifically indicated. If there are no groups close to you, then you should probably start one. There are a lot of ADAM owners out there who are totally unaware of the national groups and publications like ECN. By starting a local group you can help bring everyone together. A group does not have to be formal. With over 350,000 ADAMS sold and more selling everyday there has to be a lot of ADAM owners who have no access to information. Remember that a user group network is essential to keeping ADAM going. Run an ad in your local paper and tell the retail stores that sell ADAM that you have a group. One of our subscribers left a flyer at each store selling ADAMs, telling about his group. You may also want to let the Honeywell Service Center that serves your area know about your group. The more organized ADAM owners are the more power they will have in obtaining long term support.


#1 Adam Users Group
P.O. Box 3761 - Attn: Jay Forman
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Adam Users Group, Inc.
P.O. Box P
Lynbrook, NY 11563


Omaha Adam Users Club - Norman Castro
809 West 33rd Ave.
Bellevue, NE 68005
phone 402/291-4405


Metro Adam User's Group - Russell Williams
414 W. 149th St.
New York, NY 10031
ph. 212/208-0645


 Bill & Nancy Rahn
12426-15th St. S.
Afton, MN 55001
ph. 612/436-6577


Adam Users of El Paso - Dick Lewin
6308 Falling Star
El Paso, TX 79912


Robert R. Marentes
9425 N. 38th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85021


Victor L. Watford
P.O. Box 777
Russellville, AL 35653


The (717) Adam Users - Steve Chamberlain
120 E. 4th St.
Bloonsburg, PA 17815


Genesee Valley Adam Users
Donald K. Zimmerman
5132 Jordon Road
Silver Springs, NY 14550


Donald R. Lager
5415 N. 2nd St.
Rockford, IL 61111
ph. 815/877-7786


Puget Sound Adam Network - Valorie Zimmerman
22607 SE 322nd, Kent, WA 98042
ph. 206/886-1167 or Barbara Duncan,

ph 206/938-5276 evenings


Alan L. Taylor
612 7th Ave. NE
Stewartville, MN 55976
ph. 507/533-8415 after 6pm


Danny Levitt
 4525 S. White Pine
Tucson, AZ 85730
ph. 602/790-9678


The Lake Erie Adam Users - Jonathan Fligner
2110 W. 36th Street
Lorain, OH 44503
ph. 216/282-8467
between 4:30 pm & 8 pm EST


Tri-Angle Adam Users - Gary E. Hill
L-5, Oak Grove, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
ph. 919/968-0299


East Texas Adam Users - Jerry Pritchard
4105  Forrest Trail
Marshall, TX 75670


 Robert Dunstan
95 Harland Crescent, Ajax, Ontario, Can.
L1S 1K2 - Compuserve ID#75026,3435


 Dennis A. Jurewicz
4553 Forest Hill Dr.
Pekin, IL  61554


Derek  Townsend
Box 820
Claresholm, Alberta, Canada T0L 0T0


 Richard Bains
7210 Bulen Drive
Anchorage, AK 99507


Brian Stranahan - So. Calif. Adam Users
8580 Buggy Whip Rd.
Alta  Loma, CA 91701
ph.  714/989-1394


Dave  Sandahl
USNH, Box 2844
FPO Seattle, WA 98778


 H.A.A.U.G. c/o Thomas Rutan
1805 14th Ave. N.
 Texas City, TX 77590 


Downtown Minneapolis AUG - Tom C. Gilmore
1424 West 33rd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408


 J.A. Girard
1420 Ave. Langevin Sud, Alma,
Quebec,  Canada G8B 6B1


Frank Fleich
13381-19 Magnolia Ave.
Corona,  CA  91719


 Mike Laurier
7350 Roi Rene
Anjou, Quebec, Canada  H1K 3G6


 Russell M. Clinton - Houston Users Group
8954 Shoreview Ln.
Humble, TX 77346


 Al Roginski
4327 Thorndale PI.
Las Vegas, NV  89103


Central Calif.  Adam Users Group
James Turner, Jr.
 20110 Ave. 19
Madera, CA 93637 - ph. 299/661-8290


ADAM Washington, D.C. Users Group
Jim Tyson
1811 St. Roman Dr.
Vienna, VA 22180


Inland Empire Adam Users Group
Mike & Paula Smith
6644 Seine Ave.
Highland, CA 92346 - ph. 714/862-5807


Hawaii AUG - Harlan Fletcher
2335C Apollo Ave.
 Honolulu, HI 96818 -  ph. 808-422-4019

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Bulletin Board
 I am interested in obtaining some cartridge or other software for my library. If any of you have used software to sell, let m know. I am particularly interested in products from EPYX, Sunrise Software, Interphase Technologies, and MicroFun/Lab. If anyone has any of their products for sale please contact me. Darrell Sage.

 The following people would like to hear from other ADAM owners:

Lee Smith, 105 Donna Drive, Terre Hill, PA 17581.
Bill Reynolds, Rt. 6, Bo. 157E, Spartansburg, SC 29303, ph. 803/578-2637.
Robert Giuliani, 50 East Street, Stratford, CT 06497, ph. 203/377-7115.
Craig Emmitt, Route 3, Box 215, Smiths Grove, KY 42171, ph. 502/678-4931.

 FOR SALE - Scott Miller, Box 151, Wellman, IA 52356, ph. 319/646-2429, has a number of ADAM carts and DDP's for sale. Contact him for more info.

 FOR SALE - 32 Basic Programs, Dilithium Press (book & DDP), $15.00; Home Files Manager (DDP - Parallel Systems), $10.00; Dragon's Lair (Coleco-DDP), $15.00. Contact Lee Smith, 105 Donna Drive, Terre Hill, PA 17581.

 FOR SALE - Paul Martinez, Rt. 1, Box 324, Fern St., Vacherie, LA 70090, has a variety of ADAM software for sale. Contact him for a current list.

 WANTED - A used data drive and a 64k memory expander. Steve Chamberlain, 120 E. 4th St., Bloomsburg, PA 17815.

 Mike Elsila advises us that Midwest ADAM users now have the choice of two Michigan ADAM Bulletin Board Systems: Tony's Corner BBS (also known as the ADAMS FAMILY BBS) located at 313/754-1131 is a BBS running on a TRS-80 system with 3 disk drives. It has an ADAM database and ASCII protocol uploads. Downloading is expected soon. The BBS includes 6 message boards, SIGS, ham radio, magazine articles, news, trivia quizzes and user polling. DETROIT CO-OP BBS located at 313/342-3019 is another system running on a TRS 80. This system has a hard disk. The BBS has ADAM SmartBoard, an ADAM message board with 6 separate sub-boards. It supports ASCII file transfers. Both BBS's support 300 baud rate, 7 character bits, 1 stop bit, and even parity, and are available 24 hours a day.

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Program Library
    Program Library 3 has now been completed and is ready for shipping. This library contains a variety of programs contributed by our subscribers. Some of these represent substantial effort on their part. Generally these programs are well written and bug free, but we cannot guarantee that all will work correctly. We test the programs but there is no way we can be sure that they will work under all conditions. One of the greatest values of software like this is to give you the opportunity to study the various routines used by their writers.     PL3 includes the following programs: serpent, a follow-up to the evil game in PL2; battleship, the traditional battleship game; joinfour, a game where you try to line up four marbles in a row; checkers; two versions of the sprite editor; mayanqlt, a graphics Mayan quilt pattern generator; two educational programs, one for reading skills and one for studying math tables; tic-tac-toe; a menu program; the events program, to keep track of your schedule; and space, a graphics space panorama. We hope that you will find these programs enjoyable and useful. Thanks to those of you who have made these contributions.
    All Program Libraries are now available on data pack and disk for $9.95. Return to Top

High Scores
by Joe Blenkle
    Anyone wishing to add their name to the high score list should send the game, score, and level to Joe Blenkle, P.O. Box 41746, Sacramento, CA 95841 or leave an EMAIL message on Compuserve. My number is 70247,2466. Due to the ever growing number of games, we are now limiting the list to newer releases. A complete list can be obtained by sending a SASE to the above address.

ColecoVision/ADAM High Scores






Joe Blenkle



Antartic Adventure

Jeff Platt



B.C.'s Quest For Tires

Jeff Platt



Buck Rogers, Super

Jeff Platt




Raymond So




Joe Blenkle



Congo Bongo

Raymond So




Jeff Platt




Jeff Platt




Joe Blenkle



Donkey Kong, Super

Jeff Platt



Donkey Kong Jr., Super

Jeff Platt



Dragon's Lair

Jeff Platt



Dukes of Hazzard

Jeff Platt




Joe Blenkle



Gateway to Asphai

William Summerville



Gust Buster

Jeff Platt




William Summerville




Joe Blenkle



James Bond 007

Joe Blenkle



Jumpman Jr.

Jeff Platt



Montezuma's Revenge

Jeff Platt



Mountain King

Joe Blenkle



Oil's Well

Don Lager




Jeff Platt



Pitfall II

Joe Blenkle




Jeff Platt




Jeff Platt



Q*Bert's Qubes

Joe Blenkle



Quest For Quintana Roo

Tom Earnest, Jr.




Jeff Platt




Don Lager



Spy Hunter

Raymond So



Star Trek

Alan Samuels




Joe Blenkle




Joe Blenkle



Wing War

Jeff Platt



Zaxxon, Super

Raymond So



High Scores as of May/June 1985 Issue

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Product Review - Recipe Filer
by Lee D. Smith
Product: Recipe Filer
Manufacturer: Coleco
Requirements: ADAM & blank ddp or disk
Media: Digital Data Pack
Warranty: 90 days
Rating: 10
    This program catalogs all of your recipes. The program requires a blank disk or data pack and will save up to 150 recipes. You can then search by recipe name, recipe type, or main ingredient. If you don't know what to make with your chicken, type in "chicken" under main ingredient, then press start search. The computer will then get you all recipes containing chicken as the main ingredient. Index will show a list of all recipes on your data base in alphabetical order.
    The print feature makes it nice when you want to give your recipes to friends. Another feature called "shopping list" adds ingredients from recipes you select to a list. You can then print it and take it to the store. This list can also be saved.
    Another feature allows you to link recipes (i.e. turkey & stuffing). All you need to do is press "see links" to get the other recipe. The program also has a recipe sampler which contains 30 recipes for you to try.
    I would recommend this program to anyone who enjoys cooking!
    Editor's Note: This program is worth having just to get some of the recipes included with it. Return to Top

Product Review - Illusions
by Joe Blenkle
Product: Game
Manufacturer: Coleco
Requirements: ColecoVision/ADAM, joystick
Media: Cartridge
Warranty: 90 days
Price: $23.95 at Toys R Us
Rating: 8
    Several times I've promised myself I'd never buy another game with less than three screens. There was just never enough there to satisfy me. Illusions seems to be an exception to that. Despite only having two screens, I've found myself glued to my monitor for hours playing the thing.
    The premise is simple: You are in charge of the direction in which little ghostlike creatures called Gleebs travel over a castle shaped building with stairs and tunnels. You start out with four Gleebs and you must combine them into one (by touching) so that you may travel through a mirror in the wall.
    Simple minded these creatures are, for once you've made it through the mirror to the second screen - a kind of optical illusion cube, you must "uncombine" the Gleebs to escape one by one back to the castle screen.
    Simple you say? Not really. All the Gleebs travel at the same speed so you must find some other way than simply overtaking the next Gleeb to combine. The Gleebs have a nasty habit of splitting on occasion too and if you're not careful, you may find yourself with more Gleebs than you can handle. If that's not enough, the lizards are after you (It's "V" all over). If a lizard should bite you, the Gleeb will split in two making it more difficult to combine all your Gleebs. You can fight back by tipping over a bucket of water which will slowly creep around the stairs and passages. If the water touches a lizard, the lizard changes into a fish which you can then collect to add extra time to the clock. If you don't get the fish, it will change into a bird which will rob you of time if it touches you. The bird may occasionally change into an egg which you can get for extra points.
    Though it's a simple game once you get the hang of it, I found Illusions very entertaining, if for no other reason, just to watch the Gleebs humping their way around the screen. The graphics are superb and it's got one of those catchy little tunes that you'll soon find yourself humming everywhere you go.
    Editor's Note: Just when I think all the good game ideas have been used up, along comes a game like Illusions. The guys that thought this up must really be weird, but the concept deserves a prize. Return to Top

Product Review - Best of B.C.
by George Knochel & Family
Product: 2 Games
Manufacturer: Sydney Development Corp., Canada
Requirements: ADAM, joystick
Media: Digital Data Pack
Warranty: 30 days
Price: $29 + $2 shipping from Video Take-Out, ph. 1-800-22VIDEO
Rating: 9 (graphics 9, sound 6, documentation 8, holds interest 10, value 10)
    When BEST of BC arrived at our house via UPS, my 8 and 6 year old boys tore into the box in a frenzy of excitement (as usual). While they pulled the reset button and started to play, I read the instructions so I could answer all their questions, caused by their not reading the instructions. Does this same thing happen in your family? I am a firm believer in reading instructions BEFORE play, although these two games are easy to play without reading a lot. The documentation is above average, although there are a few errors, such as "To play one-player Grog, use the controller plugged into Port 1 (the rear jack)". On the stand-alone ADAM, port 1 is the front jack.
     This data pack contains two games: Quest for Tires, and Grog's Revenge. Both are enhanced over the cartridge versions, although I don't know how much, since I've never played the cartridge games. What is enhanced for sure is the fact that you use your keyboard to select options and enter your name and score into the Hero List, which is recorded onto the tape as with the Coleco "Hall of Fame."
    Quest has 4 levels of difficulty and Grog 3, each for one or two players. In Grog's Revenge each player can choose a different level of difficulty, which is something more games need. Have you ever sat waiting for a half-hour while your partner has fun playing the easy level and you last 30 seconds? This gives you a chance to put her at the hardest level and yourself at the easiest.
    In Quest for Tires, the object is to rescue the Cute Chick. To do this, you take the role of Thor in the Comic Strip "BC", as you ride on your tire around the countryside avoiding rocks, holes, logs, and tree branches. These are placed at random and differ each time you start or lose a tire (you have 5 tires). Watching out for an ambush by the Fat Broad, you go over rivers on the backs of turtles which submerge, over a lava pit while carried by Dooky Bird, down and up slopes with rocks rolling down at you, over a pond, through a volcanic eruption of boulders from the sky, past a dinosaur and through a cave. Whew!! This game has a lot of scenery.
    The controls are very easy to use. To make Thor jump up as he rolls along, you push up on the stick, to duck you pull down - just about like Smurf Rescue. We all preferred this to using the buttons because it's much easier, especially for children's hands. Left or right moves Thor backward or forward a little as he rolls along. Both buttons are used to slow down/speed up. You can go very slow or very fast. The slower speed was very much appreciated as we all tire of those many games which offer only a speed of fast and faster. Altogether this game is a joy to play because of the ever-changing scenery and the comical surprises. The look on Thor's face as he falls into the lava pit is only one of many things that had us laughing throughout this game.
    In Grog's Revenge, you again are Thor, and the game ends when you discover the Meaning of Life. We are still looking for it and hope that it answers the many philosophical questions on that subject. In contrast to Quest, where Thor rolls along on his tire, in this game your tire is treated as a unicycle, using the controller to move in eight directions, while making your way along the trail and up and around the many mountains and through caves. It's easy to control once you've played a few screens. There are hundreds of clams on the ground and Thor needs to gather 100 clams in order to pay Peter at the toll booth and advance to the next mountain over the toll bridge. You can also warp to another mountain while in a cave. When you are in the cave, Thor's headlight shows you the way. You have to steer clear of stalagmites, rocks, potholes, and Tiredactyls (they eat tires). Most of all, you must avoid Grog who will "grog" so loud that he shakes you off the mountain cliff trail. Grog also collects clams. There is a map at the bottom of the screen which shows the position of Thor, Grog, and the caves and trails. Each mountain has different levels and "warp caves", where you can warp to the next level. Some caves go two ways and you can hide from Grog in the caves and at dead ends.
    Grog's Revenge seems to have endless trails, mountains and caves. While we like the play action of this one equally as well as Quest for Tires, it is missing the different scenery changes. Basically you have two scenes: the trail you are on and the cave, although the obstacles on the trail vary a lot. When you reach the toll bridge and pay the toll, it would be nice to actually guide Thor across a rickety suspension bridge, but instead you find yourself appearing on another trail.
    The graphics in both games rate with the best we have ever seen for the ADAM. As for sound, the sound effects are very good. However, since we all appreciate the great music ADAM is capable of producing, we feel that with 64k and the multi-load function available (but not used), there should have been some more music in the background, along with an overture as your reward when you rescue Cute Chick.
    Taken as a whole this is the best value for the money to come along in quite a while, and who knows what awaits us when we eventually find The Meaning of Life.
    Sydney and Video Take-Out are to be congratulated for continuing to produce and market large-company software for the ADAM. Does anyone remember back in 1983, when the following "ADAM Adventure Super Game Packs" were promised by Coleco (via Sydney and Sierra): Tunnels & Trolls, Sword and the Sorcerer, Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, Cranston Manor, Trolls Tale. Well, we're still waiting. Maybe Sydney can find these and other "unfinished" software and make us all happy.
    Remember of course, fellow ADAMites, that we must buy the software currently being offered in order to hope for more. Don't wait for the "ultimate" software to come along, or it never will. Now I'll get off my soap box and go back to discovering The Meaning of Life. Return to Top

Product Review - Best of B.C. (8-2)
by Jeff Silva
Rating: 11
    My only real complaint about this game is the slight awkwardness of having to use the keyboard to select and play games every time. I am spoiled by the keypad and hope that future games will utilize them. Oddly enough, the instructions say you can also use the keypad, but the game prompts you to use the keyboard. I also would have preferred a faster loading disk version, but one can't have everything.
    All in all this datapack is the first big-time licensed title from a third party for ADAM and has two excellent games to boot at a reasonable price. This title should be the one must buy for every single ADAM owner that wants new licensed game software for his computer. Return to Top

Product Review - ADAMLink II
by Robert Giuliani
Product: Telecommunications Software
Manufacturer: Coleco
Media: Digital Data Pack Requirements: ADAM and ADAMLink Modem
Warranty: 90 days
Price: $9.00 direct from Coleco
    At last, the much talked about ADAMLink II Telecommunications modem software has arrived. I would have really wanted to have this version packaged with the modem originally. There are differences between this version and the original and that's the purpose of this users review.
    Before getting into the specifics, generally the enhancements involved include uploading and downloading of materials from and onto data packs and disks. Also an auto-redial capability is provided. Some of the SmartKey Labeling has been redone to make it a bit more user friendly in my opinion. And when you have lost your connection with another computer, there is now an onscreen message to tell you this before you are automatically switched back to the Command Mode.
    I received ADAMLink II on 4/l/85 and have primarily used it to test out the capabilities described in the new instruction booklet. I did not run into any problems. You can now transfer a file you have on tape or disk. In order to do so, first create a file and store it to tape or disk. Make your modem connection. When you are set to transfer files whether transmitting or receiving, first switch to the command mode. SmartKey VI has now been relabeled to read "FILES" as compared to the original ADAMLink. Then choose transmit or receive. There are easy to follow screen messages to guide you through a file transfer. Once ADAM is ready, you switch back to the Terminal Mode. Tell the other computer user to get ready to transfer files. At this point, if you are receiving data, everything on your screen will become saved up to the point that you press the "UNDO" key to close the file. If you are transmitting data, press the "STORE/GET" key to send the data. When the entire file has been sent, you get a message on the screen. Also, you can press the "UNDO" key to stop and close the file.
    Another added feature is Auto-Redial. If you choose this through the parameter screen, ADAM will redial the number should it get a busy signal. The number will be redialed every 45 seconds up to 10 times or until a connection is made.
    The "ABORT" SmartKeys that are used in the original ADAMLink have been relabeled to read "CANCEL." They function the same.
    One final change, when a connection is lost, you are now advised by way of an on-screen message where the SmartKey Labels are located. This message stays on the screen for about 3 seconds.
    I would have liked to seen the addition of an auto-answer capability. But, unless you plan on running your ADAM continuously as a BBS, this feature would not be very useful.
    The instruction booklet says that the screen can display up to 40 characters, but I haven't found this to be true. I still only get a maximum of 36 characters.
    As I stated earlier I feel that this software should have been packaged with the modem. But let's count our good fortune now that it's available. This will truly increase the usefulness of the modem. I suggest ordering it from Coleco if you have a modem.

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Product Review - ASCOM
by Joe Blenkle
Product: CP/M Telecommunications Software
Manufacturer: Dynamic Microprocessor Associates, Inc./Distributed by Westico
Media: Disk Requirements: ADAM, CP/M and Modem
Warranty: 30 days
Price: $139 from ADAM Depot
Rating: 7
    First, I must qualify my rating of seven for the ASCOM package. I would rate it a 10 except for one thing. It's difficult at best to use a program designed for 80 columns on ADAM's 36 column screen. Hopefully an 80-column card will be produced, not just for ASCOM, but virtually all CP/M software that will be available for the ADAM.
    ASCOM is bound to be one of the more popular CP/M releases for ADAM. It's a complete telecommunications package, including everything that is needed to use your computer on-line.
    Up/downloading, file transfers, changeable baud rate, parity, echo, line feeds, Modem7 protocol, are only some of the options available in ASCOM.
    The program, while somewhat complicated, is basically very easy to use. Upon loading CP/M, you insert the ASCOM disk and type in the word ASCOM and hit RETURN. ASCOM then loads and initially presents you with several menus so you can set the various parameters and make changes to the system before you go on line.
    Upon entering the command mode, you need only type in the word DIAL followed by the phone number and a RETURN and ASCOM dials the number and puts you on-line.
    Initially you won't find it too much different from ADAMLink. The first obvious difference will be the lack of ADAMLink's little clock in the corner and rather than a completely blue screen, the CP/M SmartKeys remain at the bottom. You will also very quickly notice that any text scrolls right off your screen. To follow it you just press the CONTROL key and either the right or left arrow key (depending on which way you want to scroll).
    If you need to return to the command mode, a Control-A will accomplish this, much like the wild card key in ADAMLink. You can then open or close files for up/downloading or make other changes where necessary. To return on-line you simply type in CONV and RETURN or if you wish to hang up, enter a HANG.
    ASCOM comes with a huge manual (about 250 pages) which I found at least as confusing as the CP/M Manual. Most of this stems from the sheer volume of commands that can be used in ASCOM. Luckily, the program also includes extensive HELP files which list all the commands and a short explanation of what they are.
    Despite the high price, ASCOM is a worthwhile program, especially if you want to download public domain CP/M programs from CompuServe or some other bulletin board system. The only thing that could possibly make ASCOM better would be an 80-column display for the ADAM computer. Hopefully ADAM users won't have to wait long for this much needed accessory. Return to Top

Product Review - How To Get Free Software: The Master Guide

to Free Programs For Every Brand of Personal or Home Computer
by Valorie Zimmerman
Product: Book
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Price: $14.95
Rating: 9, 10 for CP/M owners
    This wonderful book mentions free software for ADAM! At the time this book was written, early 1984, there wasn't much. Using this book as a guide, we can find it. If Mr. Glossbrenner should put out an updated version of this book, ECN readers can give him much of the information he needs about ADAM user groups and non-CP/M ADAM public domain software and utilities.
    The good news for ADAM users is that with ADAMLink II released, the world of free software is ours. If you own CP/M, the world opens its treasure at your feet. This book is the key to open it! It is a good beginner's guide to CP/M also. Remember this book is free to use at your public library. Return to Top

Product Review - How To Get The Most Out Of Compuserve
by Mike Kensinger
Product: Book
Publisher: Bantam Books
Price: $12.95
Rating: 10
    Of all the "gray" areas I've encountered while trying to join the computer age, Compuserve must be the darkest. Spending thirty dollars for the Compuserve Starter Kit did provide five hours of connect time and a lot of information, but almost no help making it all work. The five hours seemed more like five minutes.
    Enter this book. Most "how to" books do anything but impress me. This one is an exception and is a welcome addition to my library. The authors take a light-hearted, yet tutorial approach to showing you the ins and outs of the service. Taking you on line, with the book as a guide, to teach you what they had spent many hours (and dollars) learning about CompuServe. The information is good.
    Subjects range from CB and CO etiquette to the Personal File Area and to Forum commands such as RI, RP and RT. All areas covered are done right...on-line and with lots of examples. Included at the back of the book is an "On-Line Survival Kit" that offers a brief description of the commands used by service, including Navigation, Control, CB and CO, Editing, Forum and Access commands. It also covers log-on, procedures, a troubleshooting guide, and a listing of the more popular forums.
    With this "How To" book at hand, Compuserve has become a pleasure to use. Return to Top

Product Review - 2010 Graphic Action Game
by Jeff Silva
Product: Game Cartridge
Manufacturer: Coleco
Requirements: ColecoVision/ADAM, joystick
Warranty: 90 day
Price: $23.40 at Toys R Us
Rating: 8
    In this new video game cartridge from Coleco, your mission is to get the derelict spaceship, Discovery, spaceworthy and out of a dangerous Io orbit by repairing and powering Life Support, Communications, Engine and Reactor circuits, before Discovery's orbit decays, causing the ship to burn up and crash into Io. Once you repair the on board computer (HAL 9000) he can assist you in powering up other systems' circuits. If you get everything repaired in time, you can use the keypad to start up the engines, boosting Discovery to a higher orbit and skill level, where it starts all over again.
    Graphically Coleco has done the usual excellent job. Sound effects are also top notch and very original. While the basic premise is simple, it is challenging. Tension mounts as you fix circuit by circuit. Sometimes they get burned out and your repair drone, Waldo, has to help out. This game is not your usual dodge and shoot. For Colecovision owners it is quite a different game, and a real change of pace. There is even a touch of humor in the game. When you push the pause button the HAL computer plays you one of his favorite songs, an off-key demented sounding version of "Daisy." Anyone who saw 2001 should get a laugh out of this. While this is a fun and offbeat game for Colecovision owners, I have to admit that Coleco did not make very wise use of their 2010 movie license. I wish this game had more to do with the movie. I also would have liked more visual flair. For instance the space baby is seen on the cover of the box, but never even floats by the Discovery during the game. Further, instead of a fiery destruction when you lose, all the systems shut off, like an old tv set. It's a decent effect, but I kind of miss a fiery explosion. Oh well, I guess one can't have everything.
    This game is recommended because it isn't your usual type of game, and both graphics and sound are top notch, although they could have done a little more with HAL. He doesn't have much of a personality in the game, compared to both movies. Perhaps the text adventure game will be closer to the movies. Still, this is a fun puzzle type of game. Recommended. Return to Top

Product Review - Tax1040-84
by D. Sage
Product: Income Tax Software
Manufacturer: Extended Software Co., 11987 Cedarcreek Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240, ph. 513/825-6645
Requirements: ADAM
Media: Disk or DDP
Warranty: Disclaimer only
Price: Review copy supplied by manufacturer
    This program is designed to allow you to enter and process your income tax information. Although this variation is for 1984 (if you haven't paid yet you are late), I assume there will be subsequent versions for this and upcoming years.
    Although written in Basic, the program auto-loads by using the reset button and uses menus as well as SmartKeys for processing your tax information. The program does not include tax tables, so you still have to look up the amount you owe from the forms the IRS sends you.
    The program is relatively easy to use, but is limited to form 1040, Schedule A and Schedule B. Included with the program are five full-sized pages of instructions and sample forms. It is helpful to keep the samples handy while using the program, because you are often prompted to enter the line numbers for a particular type of entry. I would have preferred that the program provide the line numbers and descriptions of that line, requiring you to either make an entry or skip the line. The program takes care of all the calculations except for the tax tables already mentioned. The program also produces Printed Output of your data which you must use to fill out your final forms.
    This program will not meet everyone's needs for filling out their tax returns, but is likely to be found useful by those whose needs do not go beyond the forms provided. It does allow you to take changes and then see what effect the change will have on your tax liabilities. This is especially helpful in determining the value of taking out an IRA. The program can also be helpful in estimating your next years tax liability, provided there are no major changes made by the IRS and Congress. As a limited use program (once a year) some of you might find this product useful. I would rate it a 6 or 7 based on the standards mentioned earlier in this issue of ECN. Return to Top

Product Review - Extended Basic Utilities
by Lee D. Smith
Product: Basic Utilities
Manufacturer: Extended Software Co.
Requirements: ADAM
Media: Digital Data Pack
Price: $19.95 from M.W. Ruth Co.
Rating: 8
    This program utilizes the USR command that is mentioned in the "Smart Basic Manual." The program consists of several machine code routines that will enable you to do the following: 1). change colors of text, screen and border; 2). renumber lines; 3). music; 4). hex-dec/dec-hex conversion.
    The program is autoloading. When you boot the program it first loads Coleco SmartBASIC, then loads the HELLO program. The HELLO program will then load the USR routines into the memory. The HELLO program can be modified to your own tastes (screen color, text color).
    The EBU also includes four demonstration programs to show the uses of the utilities. The EBU program itself only takes up 193 bytes of user memory.
    Even though I have not used all of the utilities, I find it a valuable tool and rate it an 8. Return to Top

Product Review - Extended Basic Utilities (8-2)
by D. Sage
Media: Disk
Price: Review copy supplied by manufacturer
    When you boot up the EBU disk containing BASIC and the utilities, the screen colors are changed and a flashing message is present telling you, "EBU available." Overall this product is well done and useful. It makes available a number of features that should have been included in SmartBASIC. The program is accompanied by seven pages of instructions that are clear and easy to follow. My only real complaint about this software is that it would have been nice if they had directly modified BASIC and added new keywords for the new features. This would have greatly enhanced the usefulness of these utilities to novices. Having considerable experience in working with the internals of SmartBASIC, I can understand some of the reasons why the writers chose not to take this approach. The other problem is that the utilities are copyrighted and the authors provided no licensing mechanism which would allow others to use these utilities in programs which they wish to share with others. In order to use programs using EBU's features, you must also own the EBU package. I guess at $19.95, that isn't really a valid complaint. If you want to have the capability to more easily use color and sound then I would recommend that you obtain this software. Return to Top

Product Review - The Family Pack #1
by D. Sage
Product: Basic Software Assortment
Manufacturer: ADAM-Hack Productions, P.O. Box 184, Seelyville, IN 47878
Media: Disk or DDP
Requirements: ADAM
Warranty: 90 day replacement
Price: Review copy supplied to ECN
    The programs on this disk are accessed through a menu. After running the menu program you are greeted with a logo and a bouncy tune. The menu options are then displayed. There are 15 different programs to choose from including 1). ADAM Quiz-a quiz of computer terms; 2). Exercise robot-infinite graphics jumping-jacks; 3). color fun-a program that teaches colors; 4). rocket launch; 5). Command changer-change BASIC command words; 6). Bingo; 7). Musical Christmas Tree; 8). Slot Machines; 9). Musical Birthday; 10). Chr$ List-provides a listing of the graphics characters available on ADAM; 11). Craps; 12). Word Search Puzzle Maker; 13). Horserace; 14). Landing mission-like lunar lander for other computers; 15). Grocery list maker.
    As is the case with most collections of programs, some of these are more elaborate and more well done than others. Many of the programs are well suited for the younger members of your family, although you will find some of interest to everyone. At $19.95 it provides good variety for family fun. I would rate this package a 6. Return to Top

Product Review - Committed!
by D. Sage
Product: Adventure Game
Manufacturer: Gordon Meyer, "Do Not Stamp" Software, 2608 West 6000 South, Roy, UT 84067, ph. 801/773-7766
Media: Disk or DDP
Requirements: ADAM
Price: Freeware/Review copy supplied by manufacturer
    As I reported in the last issue of ECN, Gordon Meyer is now making available Freeware. The first of the products is COMMITTED a text adventure game written in BASIC. This game has a number of features usually found in commercial adventure games, including the ability to Save a game in progress. The game takes place in an abandoned fun-house maze and your goal is to find a bag of gold. The maze is composed of 16 rooms each with four doors. Each room is identified by a letter of the alphabet and the doors are numbered 1 thru 4. After you visit a room once, the second time its letter may be changed. This adds to the confusion and changing the room letters can only be stopped if you can find the machine that is the culprit and turn it off. As with any adventure game the author wisely suggests that you make a map of the rooms as you go. Once you find the gold the object is to exit the maze in as few moves as possible. Although interesting, I found this game to be a little easy. However, since the goal is to get a low score, it does present some challenge. I would rate this a 4-5, but remember it is free. Return to Top

Product Review - Softpack 1
by D. Sage
Product: Checking Software
Manufacturer: E & T Software, P.O. Box 821242, Dallas, TX 75382-1242, ph. 214/340/8913
Media: Disk or DDP
Requirements: ADAM
Price: Review copy supplied by manufacturer
    SOFTPACK 1 contains instruction files, Checkbook Manager, Checkbook Reconciler, and Checkbook Totalizer programs. The programs are relatively fast and are easy to use. The manager handles all types of checking transactions, including automatic withdrawals, interest and account charges as well as the standard transactions. The reconciler program allows you to reconcile your checking file with your bank statement. The totalizer allows you to total the various categories of expenditures (i.e. food, gasoline, etc.) and any tax deductible expenditures that you have previously flagged. As with any program that reads the entire file into memory, you are limited to only 100 records per file. Naturally the easy way to approach this would be to create a separate file for each month or quarter, depending on the volume of transactions that you have.
    This software seems to be well written but because of its limited application I am rating it a 6. if you need to better organize your checking account, I would recommend it. Return to Top

Product Review - Logo Utilities & GuessADAM
by D. Sage
Product: Logo utilities & trivia game
Manufacturer: U.S. ADAM Network, 71-11 Ingram Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Media: Disk or DDP
Requirements: ADAM and SmartLOGO
Warranty: Replacement
Price: Review copy supplied by manufacturer
    These two disks are the first software I have seen for the ADAM that were written in the LOGO language. Both were written by Jeff Harris. The first of these are a set of useful LOGO procedures that anyone who programs in LOGO would be happy to have. The disk contains 33 different procedures, many of which have built in error handling. There are procedures for I/0, text manipulation and math that will greatly simplify writing LOGO programs. In addition to having the procedures for your own use in programs, they can be studied to learn more about programming in LOGO. Unfortunately, I have not had much time available to work with LOGO. Working with Fortran and 5 different versions of BASIC as well as assembly language is more than I can stand.
    The second disk contains a trivia game that looks interesting. Unfortunately, I have a prerelease version that still contains bugs which were pointed out by the author. If the bugs can be cleaned up this will be an entertaining program. Until then, I will withhold final judgment.
    The LOGO utilities are quite good and show a great deal of work. I would give them a 6-7 and recommend them if you program in LOGO. Return to Top

Data Pack (Pre/Formatted Adam) $3.95         Data Pack (Pre/Formatted) 10/$37.50
Disks (blank for ADAM) 10/$19.95         Ribbon Cart. (ADAM Printer) $5.50
Daisy Wheel-Elite, Script etc. $5.50         Covers (3) Key,CPU,Printer $19.95
Labels T/F-F/F (Address) 1000/$5.00         Labels T/F-F/F (Data Pack) 100/$5.00
PRINTER STAND - Front ON/OFF switch $22.95

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PACKCOPY - Make backup copies of ADAM software for personal use only $39.50
DIABLO - It's here - The greatest mind challenge - All Graphic $24.95
EBU - SmartBasic - Data or Disk. Sound, renumber $21.95
DISASSEMBLER - Now convert machine code into something readable $34.95
THE STOCK MARKET GAME - A fun & educational board style game $24.95
BLACK GOLD - Look for oil. Survey, profits, fun. 1-4 players $24.95
MORSE CODE - Learn & Practice $19.95
HOME FILES MGR. - Maillists, files & prints labels $19.95
GEOMETRY I - Tutor and drill - Pythagorean $19.95
GEOMETRY II - Tutor and drill - Quadrilaterals $19.95
COLOR ARTS - Paint, color, save pictures $19.95
BOUNTY HUNTER - Text adventure $24.95
TREK - Space text adventure $24.95
SAVINGS & LOAN - Calculates $24.95
SMARTBASIC BONANZA - 15 programs Data or Disk $34.95
ADAM ENTERTAINER - Book (sound, graphics, programs) $12.95
COMPUSERVE STARTER KIT - a must if you have a modem $29.95
LEARNING TOGETHER WITH ADAM - New - includes logo $9.95
ADAM'S COMPANION - Book (updated) $9.95

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Programs, Programs, Programs
    This month we have two programs which were submitted by our subscribers. They are an OUTER SPACE LANDSCAPE by Al Roginski and an ALPHABETICAL SORTING program by George Havach.
    A number of you have submitted listings of programs. Since we don't have the time to type those in and test them, we can't include them in ECN. If you will send your program on data pack, we will return them promptly and more than likely we will include them in ECN. Long programs will generally be used in the Program Library (with your permission) and short programs will be printed in ECN. Return to Top

Program Listing - Outer Space Landscape

10 HGR: REM --by Al Roginsky--
100 REM ---HORIZON---
110 HCOLOR =12:HPLOT 0, 130 TO 255, 130
200 REM ---3 PLANETS---
210 x=47: y=40: a=30:HCOLOR =9:GOSUB 500
220 x=220: y=20: a=15:HCOLOR =2:GOSUB 500
230 x=140: y=60: a=40:HCOLOR =15:GOSUB 500
300 REM ---STARS---
310 HCOLOR=11
320 FOR a=1 TO 2:FOR x=0 TO 255
330 y=INT(RND(1)*130):HPLOT x, y
340 y=INT(RND(1)*130):HPLOT x, y
350 NEXT x: NEXT a
410 HCOLOR=12
420 FOR x=0 TO 120:HPLOT 40, 95 TO x, 159:NEXT x
430 FOR x=60 TO 140:HPLOT 100, 90 TO x, 135:NEXT x
440 FOR x=120 TO 210:HPLOT 170, 95 TO x, 145:NEXT x
450 FOR x=180 TO 255:HPLOT 240, 90 TO x, 150:NEXT x
499 GOTO 1000
510 FOR b=-a TO a
520 c=SQR(a*a-b*b)
530 HPLOT x+b, y+c TO x+b, y-c
1000 REM ---MESSAGE---
1020 PRINT: HTAB 13:PRINT "_'ADAM'";
1110 y=0: x=137: c=3: d=3:GOSUB 2000
1115 y=0: x=92: c=0: d=3:GOSUB 2000
1120 y=0: x=153: c=-3: d=2:GOSUB 2000
1125 y=0: x=255: c=8: d=0:GOSUB 2000
1130 y=0: x=195: c=0: d=4:GOSUB 2000
1135 y=0: x=255: c=2: d=4:GOSUB 2000
1140 y=0: x=9: c=0: d=4:GOSUB 2000
1145 y=0: x=0: c=-8: d=0:GOSUB 2000
1500 GOTO 1100
2010 FOR a=1 TO 96 STEP 3
2020 HCOLOR =3:HPLOT x, y TO x, y
2030 FOR b=1 TO 50:NEXT b
2040 HCOLOR =4:HPLOT x, y TO x, y
2050 x=x-c: y=y+d: NEXT a
3000 END

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Program Listing - Alphabetical Sorting Program

10   REM  alphabetical sorting program
20 REM by George Havach
200 HOME:VTAB 3:PRINT " NO MORE THAN "; n; " ITEMS,", , , " PLEASE!"
300 FOR count=1 TO n
325 VTAB 18:PRINT " ITEM #"; count; :INPUT "? "; item$(count):VTAB 18:PRINT
350 IF item$(count)=CHR$(18) THEN count=count-1:GOTO 325
360 IF item$(count)="" GOTO 400
375 NEXT
400 HOME:VTAB 9:PRINT "**************":VTAB 12:PRINT " NOW SORTING YOUR "; count-1; " ITEMS"
425 PRINT:PRINT SPC(10); "PLEASE WAIT":VTAB 17:PRINT "**************":VTAB 24
449 REM shell sort
450 guide=1
455 guide=2*guide:IF guide0 GOTO 470
475 NEXT:GOTO 460
499 REM data disposal
550 VTAB 24:GET key$:IF key$="n" OR key$="N" GOTO 700
599 REM data storage
610 PRINT " (1, 2, 5, 6 [0=ESCAPE])":VTAB 18:INPUT " DRIVE #? "; drive%:IF drive%=0 GOTO 700
620 IF drive%=3 OR drive%=4 OR drive%>6 GOTO 600
630 VTAB 21:INPUT " FILENAME? "; name$
640 HOME:VTAB 9:PRINT " **************": VTAB 12: PRINT SPC(7); "STORING LIST--"
650 PRINT:PRINT SPC(9); "PLEASE WAIT":VTAB 17:PRINT " **************":VTAB 24
660 ONERR GOTO 600: d$=CHR$(4):PRINT d$; "OPEN "; name$; ",D"; drive%
670 PRINT d$; "WRITE "; name$:FOR listing=2 TO count:PRINT item$(listing):NEXT
680 PRINT d$; "CLOSE "; name$:CLRERR
699 DATA display
710 VTAB 24:GET key$:IF key$="n" OR key$="N" GOTO 750
730 VTAB 24:GET key$: IF key$=CHR$(3) GOTO 750
740 PR #1:GOTO 760
760 HOME:VTAB 24:FOR listing=2 TO count:PRINT item$(listing):NEXT:PR #0
800 END

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   You're a courageous graverobber who must first destroy the many ghosts and goblins in the graveyard and then rob them of their many, jewels, gold! Four arcade quality playing screens and super sound! Requires SmartLOGO. DDP/DISK $24.95.

The Graphics Experimenter

   WHAM! POW! ZOWIE! So you bought an ADAM expecting to do some nifty computer generated graphics using SmartBASIC. and now you find you can't even hplot a circle? Heads up ADAM LOVERS! THE GRAPHICS EXPERIMENTER will have you doing your own spectacular art as fast as you can type RUN!

   THE GRAPHICS EXPERIMENTER contains: Three-dimensional sweep art, Art Motion Graphics, Rabbit Graphics (fast plots of extra-ordinary objects), Artists Pad (converts the joystick controller into a hi-res graphics pad), and the Artists Keyboard (converts the ADAM keyboard to an artists sketchpad).

   THE GRAPHICS EXPERIMENTER is an integrated program, SmartKEY referenced, full menu driven, with key prompts and an extensive instruction manual. $39.95 DDP/DISK.


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