ADAM/ColecoVision Software List - Demos

NOTE: These listings are generic and do not include variations of the same cartridges or roms.

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6 Games (ROM) - Pictured is Explosion.

Daniel Bienvenu

6 Noises (ROM) - Sound demo...just makes the same noises over and over.


7 Games (ROM) - Pictured is Isola

Daniel Bienvenu

10 Years of ColecoVision Demo - to celebrate 10 years of making CV games. Plays Happy Birthday To You while displaying the graphic seen to the right.

Daniel Bienvenu

ADAMCon 17 Demo - Promo for ADAMCon 17 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Guy Foster

Daniel Bienvenu

ADAM Text Display (Disk) - Displays text scrolling in from the sides.

Walters Software

ADAM's Music Box Demo


Adventure of a Witch: The Flightful Night Kiwi
Adventures of the Pink Panther, The - Prototype ROM of NAP's Pink Panther game from the 80s. NAP

Adventurium3 Demo - Doesn't appear to be playable. Just this one screen with music playing.


Africa by Toto Music Demo

Daniel Bienvenu

Air Battle ver. 0.4 - Early demo of Air Battle game.

Daniel Bienvenu

Amazing Snake (Beta) Serge-Eric Tremblay
Arkanoid (Demo) Opcode Games    

Battleship (Demo)

Mathieu Proulx

Bejeweled (Demo)

Daniel Bienvenu

Berenstain Bears, The - Prototype demo for Berenstain Bears game. Just one screen with bear unicycling across it.


Beyond Terra (Demo)

Scott Huggins

Birthday Cake Girl - Displays picture and plays Happy Birthday tune.  

Black Onyx, The - Uncompleted, early version of Black Onyx.

Bruce Tomlin

Bomb 'N Blast Score Attack (Playable Demo) Michael Louvet
Bombjack (Playable Demo) Michel Louvet
Breakout (Paddle Version) Demo Daniel Bienvenu
Bustin' Out v0.5 (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu

Castelo - Let's you construct a castle on your screen.


Chateau du Dragon, Le - Role-playing type game in French.

Daniel Bienvenu

Christmas Demo - Plays Christmas music while displaying an animated snowing screen.

Daniel Bienvenu

Coco and the Evil Robots - Defeat the evil robots. Playable game but has some bugs. Several versions. Robin Gravel
ColecoVision Music Demonstration - Plays music from various ColecoVision games. See also Music Box & ADAM's Music Box Demo.  

ColecoVision RPG Demo - Demo of RPG game...many different versions.

Bruce Tomlin

Colored Gravity Demo

Philipp Klaus Krause

Commando Returns Michel Louvet
COWS Text Adventure Demo - A BBS game I originally wrote for the Atari ST. I always wanted to put it on the ADAM, but just never got going on it past what you see here. Only '2' and '3' work on the menu. Joe Blenkle
CP/M 2.2 8MB Image with 512 Directory Entries - Not 100% functional. William Hicks

CV Drum


Cye v1.0 (Playable Demo) Philip Klaus Krause

Dacman (Demo) - Several different versions.

Daniel Bienvenu

Death Race  
Demon 2 Demo Yannick Proulx
Detroit Countryside - Music Demo Krue

Dino Eggs Demo - Early demo of Dino Eggs game.


Donkey Kong Arcade Demo - Very early (2005) title screen demo of Opcode's Donkey Kong Arcade game. There are a number of versions of this.

Opcode Games

Dracula (Demo)  

Dragon's Lair Demo - Rom demo taken from the ADAM's Dragon's Lair game. This is the only screen in this demo. Appears to only work on Virtual Coleco (messed up menu screen - press 1-4) and the real machine. You can make Dirk run and jump on the circle, draw his sword, and do battle with the creature there. If you successfully jump off the circle and exit, it takes you back to the same screen again.


Empire - CV Promo Pic (Demo)  

Fantasy - Demo of "Fantasy" arcade game. Later became Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels.


Flying Shark - Lets you control plane flying on screen.  
Frog Feast Test (12-05-2007)  
Frog Feast Test (12-22-2007)  
Game Mockup (Demo)  
Gamepack Daniel Bienvenu
Gamepack 2 Daniel Bienvenu
Gamepack Vic-20 Demo Daniel Bienvenu
Gerbils Under4MHz
Goldorak Pic  
Grand Tourista 5 Demo  

Gyruss CES Demo - Demo of Parker Bros. game. Just title screen and first screen.

Parker Bros.

Halloween Witch - NOTE: First graphic in this demo is R-Rated. Daniel Bienvenu
Halloween 2011  
Happy Halloween - Playable demo of Happy Halloween game by Daniel Bienvenu. Daniel Bienvenu

Horse Racing - Rev. 5



Jack B. Quick (Demo)    Mark2008
Jet Boat (Demo)  


Harvey deKleine

Kick Gas (Playable Demo) Dvik - Joyrex

Kill Barney in Tokyo (Playable Demo)

Daniel Bienvenu

Killer Instinct (Playable Demo)

Daniel Bienvenu

Lunar Leeper  
Matrix (Demo)

Daniel Bienvenu

Mayan Adventure Demo (DDP) - Demo of a game by Dale Wick. To our knowledge it was never finished. Dale Wick

Mean Santa Demo - Playable demo of a Christmas game where Mean Santa has to land on rooftops and then collect the items in the house.




Mighty Mitchell Award, The - ADAMcon 25 - Modified cartridge version of Time Pilot with a surprise ending.


Mod2PSG RePlayer Example Daniel Bienvenu
Mowleco - Mow the lawn without hitting the dog and cat.  

Mr. Do's Wild Ride (Playable Demo)

Steve Bégin

Music Box


Music Demo - Plays Sonic the Hedgehog theme  
Music Vol. 1 Daniel Bienvenu
New (Demo) (aka - Untitled Game) Daniel Bienvenu
NewColeco Music (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu

Old Skool Demo 01 - Graphic demo scrolls left to right.

Guy Foster

Old Skool Demo 02 - Graphic demo scrolls right to left. Guy Foster
Orbit - Unfinished demo of proposed game from Parker Bros. Parker Bros.

Ostrich Farmer Demo

Dale Wick

Pac-Man Collection Demo - Demo of OpCode Games Pac-Man.

Opcode Games

Pacar (Playable Demo) Steve Begin

Pere Noel Demo

Daniel Bienvenu

Plants vs. Zombies  
PokerFace (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu
Puckman Sounds (Demo) Opcode Games
Quiz Wiz ColecoVision 30th Anniversary - Quiz game celebrating ColecoVision's 30th Anniversary. CollectorVision



Santa Must Save Xmas

Crapahute & BFG

Schlange CV Demo

Philip Klaus Krause

Scroll Demo

Daniel Bienvenu

Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels I (Demo) Philipp Klaus Krause
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2 (Demo) Philipp Klaus Krause
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 3 (Demo) Philipp Klaus Krause
Shamus v2.5 (Demo)  
Shunting Puzzle (Demo) Philipp Klaus Krause
Simple Screen Show (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu
Smash Daniel Bienvenu

Smurf - Unknown Game (Demo)

Smurfs Save the Day (198x) (Coleco) (Demo)



Sound FX - Vol. 1 & 2 (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu
Space Caverns (Playable Demo)

Scott Huggins

Space Invasion Demo

John Dondzila

Space Trainer (Demo)

Daniel Bienvenu

Spaz Attack (Demo) Howard Uman
Spectank Daniel Bienvenu
Squares (Demo)

Harvey Dekleine

St. Valentine's Day  

Starry Nights Demo - Several different versions.

Guy Foster

Stubby (Demo) Yannick Proulx
Sudoku (Demo) Luc Miron
Super Ghouls N' Ghosts Remix (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu
Super Pong (Demo)  

Sword & The Sorcerer Demo - Demo of Sword & The Sorcerer game.


Tenchi Muyo (Demo) Daniel Bienvenu
Tennis (Demo)  
Text Adventure - Part I Kiwi

Tiny Music Test #1


Todd Music - Displays picture while playing a tune. CVGus
Tokio Scramble Formation Nitrofurano
Tunnels & Trolls Demo Philipp Klaus Krause

Tunnels & Trolls Demo - Opening sequence and title screen only for Tunnels & Trolls game.


Untitled Game (Demo) (aka - New) Daniel Bienvenu
Van Halen Jump (Demo)  



Waterline Demo


Waterville Rescue (Demo)

Mike Ward

What is Love (Music Demo) Daniel Bienvenu
Wild Western Demo Opcode Games
Wizard Cards Daniel Bienvenu

xBill (Demo)


You Tube - Smooth Criminal (Demo)


Zap 0.1 (Demo)


Zelda 2 Boss Music


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