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Issue #24 - January/February 1988

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ADAM/ColecoVision News (Last updated: 3/31/24 - 7 p.m. PST)

 Lundy Electronics Offers ADAM Hardware - Lundy Electronics continues to offer unique hardware items for your ADAM Computer System. In the past, John Lundy has offered the MegaCopy, ADE Pro, ADE Lite, and a number of other devices. He is currently working on a production run of Eric Pearson's Midi-Mite II which will allow you to hook up a midi music device to your ADAM Computer, allowing you to play literally thousands of music files that can be found on the Internet. As the production runs of these devices are produced in small batches, it's always best to check the Lundy Electronics web page for current availability.


 Fujinet Available For ADAM - Thanks to Thomas Cherryhomes and Mozzwald, Fujinet is now available for the ADAM. Fujinet is a multifunction device that hooks to your ADAM giving it WiFi and Internet connectivity, acts as disk/DDP drives, and connects your ADAM to your own home network.  You can actually run programs from the "cloud" or off your connected computer, as well as images located on a local SD card. It is powered through ADAMNet or optionally through a USB power supply. ADAM has stepped into the 21st century!!! Click HERE for availability.


Virtual Disk Drive - A new Virtual Disk Drive is now available for ADAM. This long-needed piece of hardware is by MicroFox and costs $130 plus shipping. It is available from the ADAM News Network. For more information go HERE.


 New Multimedia Disks - There are several new multimedia disks available. Check the New ADAM Files box (above right) for the the latest ones, or choose the Multimedia Disks button above for a list of all available disks. More to come soon!


 Join the Coleco ADAM Facebook Group - A great source of information on the ADAM Computer can be found on Facebook. Click HERE to visit the Coleco ADAM Facebook Group where you can meet new friends, learn about new hardware and software, and everything else ADAM.


Got Missing Newsletters? I'm looking for ADAM Newsletters I don't have.  Please email me HERE if you have any. We can take originals (they will be scanned and returned) or images of already scanned newsletters. For a list of what newsletters we already have, please visit the Other Newsletters section.


***Virtual ADAM*** Steve Pitman (author of games for the ADAM such as Ghost Zapper and ADAM Bomb) has written a front end for use with the ADAMem emulator. "It's a Windows graphical front-end for ADAMem that is built around DosBox. It's written in Visual Basic and makes it a great way to run ADAMem in Windows without any problems (like the audio). You can run ADAMem either fullscreen or in a window. You can change ADAM peripherals, insert disks and tapes into the drives, edit disks and tapes with a decimal editor. It can separate by CP/M, EOS, Bootable, Non-Bootable, Cartridge, etc... It supports long filenames, when you highlight a title it displays notes, screenshots, a catalog of the file in the image, you can then click on the file name to open it in Windows, etc..." The latest version is available here: ADAM Downloads.

 Basic/Logo Programs - If you should happen to find any mistakes in the online editions of ECN, please notify me at the email address at the bottom of this page. While I've tried to be careful, errors occasionally creep in, especially on the program listings where it was hard to tell "i" from "l" and "0" from "O", etc.

   NOTE: Why ECN? It was the first ADAM newsletter I subscribed to and I was a regular contributor to it. All issues here are reproductions and may contain mistakes do to poor quality of some of the originals. Do not write or respond to ads, addresses, phone numbers or email contained within the issues of ECN or the other newsletters here. They are from the 80s & 90s and in most cases are no longer valid!!!  


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